Join ReconcilingWorks in celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day with us this September 23. 

"Bi people are among the most invisible people in the LGBT community," Marge Charmoli, ReconcilingWorks Board of Directors Bisexual Representative said. "Bi Visibility Day is an important step to increasing visibility and dispelling harmful myths."

ReconcilingWorks has a need to increase our resources about Bisexuality.  We have set a goal to raise $3,000 between now and Bisexual Visibility Day in order to update and create resources. 


Please make a meaningful investment in building our outreach and education about the welcome of LGBT people and families and specifically Bisexual Visibility.

As we all learn as allies and grow as advocates, we often encounter harmful stereotypes of bisexual people. These hurtful stereotypes can come from a lack of understanding, so it is our responsibility as allied people of faith to speak up when we hear stereotypes being spoken.  

To raise awareness we encourage you to share the resources and stories on this page with your faith community and social media outlets as you work to extend a greater welcome to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.