Executive Director

Aubrey Thonvold

  • AubreyT@ReconcilingWorks.org
  • Aubrey Thonvold (she/her) is a lifelong Lutheran from Minnesota. Aubrey is committed to work centered in justice and inclusion for LGBT people and their families within religious and faith communities. Most recently, Aubrey has worked on marriage campaigns in Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon, organizing outreach, education, and advocacy and encouraging faith communities to support the freedom to marry for LGBT couples. With a master’s degree in Transforming Spirituality from The School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, she strives to bring people in from the margins and invite all people to the table. Aubrey and her wife Heather both have a call to ministry, a love of adventures, and enjoy time with friends and family. Aubrey is thrilled to be a part of the team at ReconcilingWorks.

Program and Development Associate

Ryan Muralt

  • RyanM@ReconcilingWorks.org
  • Ryan (he/him), a graduate of the University of Minnesota and life-long Lutheran, began his work at ReconcilingWorks in June of 2014. As Program and Development Associate, Ryan works closely with congregations and other faith communities as they discern what it means to welcome, include and celebrate people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Ryan spends his days reaching out to Lutheran communities across the U.S. and Canada along with a devoted team of volunteer Regional Coordinators to deepen and expand the Reconciling in Christ program. Ryan also works to steward financial gifts as ReconcilingWorks funds the mission of welcome, inclusion and celebration in sustainable ways. While doing this important work at ReconcilingWorks, Ryan is also working on earning a Master of Business focusing on Nonprofit Management.

Communications and Graphic Design Coordinator

Zac Baker

  • ZacB@ReconcilingWorks.org
  • In one week Zac Baker (he/him) graduated, bought a car, and moved in faith to Saint Paul to join the ReconcilingWorks staff in May 2013. Ever since Zac found a safe space at the Lutheran Campus Ministry freshman year at the University of South Carolina, he has embraced the ELCA’s warm hospitality. Empowered by his campus pastor, Frank Anderson, Zac became a leader in USC’s LGBT community as the President of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Alliance and a community advocate as a founding member of Youth Empowered Against HIV. Zac has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications and enjoys producing web, video, and print content for ReconcilingWorks.