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ReconcilingWorks is excited to accompany your faith community along its welcoming journey. If you have a question about what this process might look like for your community or about the Reconciling in Christ process, please email the regional coordinator in your area.

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If your community has adopted an inclusive welcome statement and would like to be listed as Reconciling in Christ (RIC) or if you would like to contact the ReconcilingWorks central office directly, please use the form, phone number, or email address below.

Regional Coordinator US-1

Leo Bancroft

Co-Regional Coordinator US-2

The Rev. Elaine Watskey

Regional Coordinator US-3


Regional Coordinator US-4


Regional Coordinator US-5

Ruth Almén

Regional Coordinator US-6

Mert Spencer

Regional Coordinator US-7


Regional Coordinator US-8

Scott Binde

Co-Regional Coordinator US-9

Wayne Morris

Co-Regional Coordinator US-9

Bridget Radford

Contact the office:


1669 Arcade Street Suite 2
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106-1054

Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST