This September let’s Rally with ReconcilingWorks. The power to deepen and expand the work of welcome and inclusion of LGBTQ people and help move their experience from invisibility to one of celebration in the ELCA lives with you!

The most impact in deepening and expanding the work of welcome and inclusion can be made by directly funding the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program.  Right now, there are 685 RIC communities in the United States and Canada.  ReconcilingWorks has a big goal to have 930 RIC communities or 10% of registered ELCA communities.  And by ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2019, there will be 2,100 communities or 25% of the ELCA.  Rally with ReconcilingWorks and fund this goal.

There are many other ways you can Rally with ReconcilingWorks this September:

holy_workMake one of the following gifts that reflect ReconcilingWorks goals for the RIC program.

  • $68.50 – Representing the 685 current RIC settings
  • $93.00 – Representing the 10% of the 9,300 ELCA settings that will be RIC by the end of 2017
  • $210.00 – Representing 25% of the ELCA that will be RIC by the 2019 Churchwide Assembly

become_RIC How can you help your congregation become RIC?

  • Visit the Reconciling in Christ resource page: RWKS.org/resources/ric
  • Arrange for your congregation to host a Building and Inclusive Church Training.
  • Talk with your pastor and let them know why this congregational designation matters to you personally.
  • Start talking to people in your congregation who might also want to start the RIC journey and create a team to begin the work.

now_what Your congregation is already RIC, what’s next?

  • Check out our resource, “Reconciling in Christ? Now what?” available for free download here.
  • Is your welcome statement listed in a public place in your congregation?
  • Does it include bisexual and transgender or does it need to be updated? (There are 176 congregations whose welcome statements do not include bi and trans!)
  • Does your congregation show its RIC status publicly? Would someone passing by your church know you are RIC?
  • Has your congregation made a contribution to ReconcilingWorks to support and further the work of the RIC program? Has your congregation considered adding ReconcilingWorks to its annual budget?