Executive Director

Aubrey Thonvold

  • AubreyT@ReconcilingWorks.org
  • Aubrey Thonvold (she/her) is a lifelong Lutheran who is committed to work centered in justice and equity for LGBTQIA+ people and their families within religious and faith communities. With a master’s degree in Transforming Spirituality from The School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, she strives to bring people in and invite all to the table. She leads this work at ReconcilingWorks with a sense of call to this holy ministry. Aubrey has worked on marriage campaigns in Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon, organizing outreach, education, and advocacy and encouraging faith communities to support the freedom to marry for LGBTQIA+ couples. Aubrey and her spouse Heather both have a call to ministry, a love of adventures, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Director of Program & Engagement

Ashlei Buhrow

  • AshleiB@ReconcilingWorks.org
  • Ashlei Buhrow (she/her), after finishing her bachelor's at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire in religious studies and family developmental studies, packed her bags and headed off to St. Paul, Minnesota. In St. Paul, she studied at Luther Seminary, where she acted as a leader in the LGBTQIA+ organization, Emmaus, as well as in Proclaim’s Seminary Outreach Team. In May of 2018, Ashlei graduated with her Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. As part of God's call in her life, she enters into her work at ReconcilingWorks as the director of program and engagement to serve her fellow LGBTQIA+ siblings in spaces where faith and sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression intersect. Ashlei approaches this holy ministry rooted in the core value of meeting people where they are and accompanying discerning faith communities in ways that are authentic and unique to their individual contexts.