Staying Connected Matters

The work of welcome to our LGBTQIA+ siblings is made possible through partnership and ongoing communication. Stay connected with our office and help create lasting relationships with the folx engaging in this holy and faithful work. Sign up for a One-to-One Zoom chat with Director of Program & Engagement, Ashlei Buhrow. Various times and dates are provided on the Calendly Website.

Types of Meetings

RIC Info or RIC Partner Commitments

Throughout your faith community’s work towards the welcome, inclusion, celebration and advocacy of LGBTQIA+ people, ReconcilingWorks is here to be a resource and tool to accompany you in this journey. Beginning your journey of discernment to become Reconciling in Christ (RIC)? Want to chat through resources and tools, or draft the language of your welcome statement? Is your faith community working to update RIC Partner commitments, or set new milestones after becoming RIC? Click HERE to schedule your conversation with Director of Program & Engagement, Ashlei Buhrow.

Adult Forum, Leadership Meeting, or Speaker Request

As you and your faith community discern a journey to become Reconciling in Christ (RIC), or set milestones after becoming RIC, speakers are a great opportunity to hear from different voices and perspectives. If you are interested in inviting someone from ReconcilingWorks to join you for educational opportunities, conversations with leadership, or any larger group setting, click HERE to schedule your initial conversation with Director of Program & Engagement, Ashlei Buhrow. Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind when requesting additional support: 

  • ReconcilingWorks requests you give at least four weeks' notice in order to work with the speaker’s schedule.
  • Provide a first and second choice for dates.
  • Plan for an honorarium for the speaker's time.