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Liturgy of Welcome

liturgyofwelcome_draftFor the first time ever, ReconcilingWorks is providing a brand new liturgical resource for Reconciling in Christ (RIC) communities to use for 2016 RIC Sunday. 

Accompaniment Edition: Portable Document File (.pdf)

Out in Scripture

"Out in Scripture" - by the Human Rights Campaign "Out In Scripture is a collection of over 175 conversations about the Bible. With the skilled help of 100 diverse scholars and pastors, from over 11 different denominations, you will discover a fresh approach to Scripture. Here you can be honest, question and go deeper."

Reconciling Scripture for Lutherans – On Sexuality and Gender Identity

"Reconciling Scripture for Lutherans - On Sexuality and Gender Identity" - by Austen Hartke and Emmy Kegler

This resource offers a short commentary which takes into account biblical integrity and knowledge, key Lutheran interpretative lenses, and the diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. This commentary addresses eight of the so-called “clobber passages” used to exclude LGBTQ+ people from the body of Christ, and finishes with eight Bible passages that offer inclusive and expansive understandings of the nature of God’s welcome. Our hope is that these interpretations, based in scripture, tradition, and reason, may lead to a deeper understanding of our LGBTQ+ siblings in Christ and continued acts of reconciliation within God’s family.