9/16/19  7 PM CT: Building the Foundation: Building the Foundation is key to having a well planned and successful RIC Journey! Join us for a time to talk about these first steps and tools that are here to help you learn more about your community, treat all folks engaging in this work as beloved children of God, and frame this work in a way that is exciting and engaging for folks. Click here to register!

1/6/20  7PM CT: Living the Journey: Join us in learning how to take all the information you have gathered in "Building the Foundation" and use it to create educational forums, panels, and studies of scriptural engagement that best meet the unique needs of your faith community so that all of your folks feel seen, heard and cared for. Click here to register!

4/6/20  7 PM CT: Preparing for RIC Vote & Q&A: Join us to learn how to take all of the work you and your faith community have put into your journey of discernment to become RIC and prepare for a congregational vote and how to celebrate! There will also be time for Q&A to support your community in this holy work. Click here to register!

9/17/19  7 PM CT: Resource Review, Now What?:ReconcilingWorks believes that welcome is a journey, not a destination. So if your congregation, college, seminary, or ministry has been Reconciling in Christ (RIC) for 30 years or 1 month, there are always ways to deepen and expand our welcome to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual/aromantic (LGBTQIA+) people and families by making welcome a lived experience.  Join us for a time to talk about setting new milestones and learn from other RIC in the RIC community about how they live out their welcome! Click here to register!

1/7/20  7 PM CT:  Goal Setting & RIC Sunday Worship Planning: Celebrating RIC Sunday is a great way to start of 2020! Join to make sure you have access to all the RIC Sunday worship resources and materials you will need.  We will also share with one another the goals we have for our RIC communities as a way to deepen and expand welcome to God's Beloved. Click here to register!

4/7/20  7 PM CT: Faith in Action through Advocacy: We are called to love God and to love our neighbors.  Join us to learn tools to support your faith communities advocacy work for those who live in the margins of our church and society.  Click here to register!