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Synod Assembly ReconcilingWorks Display Host Guide

2019 Synod Assemblies

Gray = Ambassador needed
Green = Ambassador confirmed
(You may still sign up to be an ambassador if there is already a confirmed ambassador.)

1A Alaska 
1B Northwest Washington 
1C Southwestern Washington 
1D Eastern Washington-Idaho 
1E Oregon 
1F Montana 
2A Sierra Pacific 
2B Southwest California 
2C Pacifica 
2D Grand Canyon 
2E Rocky Mountain

3A Western North Dakota
3B Eastern North Dakota 
3C South Dakota 
3D Northwestern Minnesota 
3E Northeastern Minnesota 
3F Southwestern Minnesota 
3G Minneapolis Area
3H Saint Paul Area 
3I Southeastern Minnesota 
4A Nebraska
4B Central States
4C Arkansas-Oklahoma 
4D N.Texas - N. Louisiana 
4E Southwestern Texas 
4F Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast

5A Metropolitan Chicago
5B Northern Illinois 
5C Central/Southern Illinois 
5D Southeastern Iowa 
5E Western Iowa 
5F Northeastern Iowa 
5G Northern Great Lakes 
5H Northwest Synod of Wisc 
5I East-Central Synod of Wisc
5J Greater Milwaukee 
5K South-Central Synod of Wisc 
5L La Crosse Area 
6A Southeast Michigan 
6B North/West Lower Michigan 
6C Indiana-Kentucky 
6D Northwestern Ohio 
6E Northeastern Ohio 
6F Southern Ohio

7A New Jersey
7B New England 
7C Metropolitan New York
7D Upstate New York
7E Northeastern Pennsylvania
7F Southeastern Pennsylvania
7G Slovak Zion
8A Northwestern Pennsylvania
8B Southwestern Pennsylvania
8C Allegheny
8D Lower Susquehanna 
8E Upper Susquehanna
8F Delaware-Maryland
8G Metropolitan Washington, DC
8H West Virginia-Western MD

9A Virginia 
9B North Carolina 
9C South Carolina
9D Southeastern 
9E Florida-Bahamas 
9F Caribbean
British Columbia Synod
The Synod of Alberta and the Territories
The Saskatchewan Synod
The Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod
The Eastern Synod