In our work, we often hear people with good intentions feel they aren’t able to ask questions about what it means to be LGBTQIA+ because they are afraid of offending someone or they don’t have the right words with which to ask. If this sounds familiar, or if your faith community is interested in how to better support LGBTQIA+ Lutherans, then the “Clunky Questions” series is for you.

Season One: LGBTQIA+ Lutherans

Lutherans answer some of the most common questions asked about their LGBTQIA+ identities.

Who is the man in the relationship?

“LGBTQIA” Why do you need a label for everything?

I don’t “get” trans.

Why do you base your relationships solely on sex?

How do you know you are gay?


Season Two: LGBTQIA+ Lutheran Pastors

We partnered with Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries to bring you season. Hear from LGBTQIA+ rostered leaders about calling a LGBTQIA+ leader and becoming a Reconciling in Christ partner.

Why can’t church just say “All are Welcome!” and leave it at that?

You’re LGBTQ and a pastor! How does that work?

So are all of your sermons about gay things?

I didn’t know you were a gay/trans pastor! You seem so normal.

Is this a gay church now?