Welcome to the 2021 ReconcilingWorks Virtual PRIDE Celebration! It is a joy to be celebrating with you all in this way.

Throughout the months in which many of our LGBTQIA+ siblings would be celebrating their fullness through PRIDE parades, parties, and festivities in accompaniment with many of our Reconciling in Christ (RIC) partners, ReconcilingWorks will be celebrating virtually this year! There are so many ways we invite you to celebrate our beloved queer siblings - here are just a few ReconcilingWorks invites you to celebrate through for the 2021 PRIDE season.

As you look to make your month of PRIDE as welcoming and celebratory of our LGBTQIA+ siblings, take a look from our PRIDE-themed worship resources to aid in your planning! Fill out the Google Sign-Up HERE, to get the following:

  • PRIDE 2021 Worship Resource: Join in celebrating the Divine’s endless and queer diversity that is God’s creation. Enjoy a recorded sermon brought to you by Bishop Kevin L. Strickland (he/him), Southeastern Synod ELCA, and children's message by ReconcilingWorks Executive Director, Aubrey Thonvold. Let us welcome, include, celebrate and advocate for our beloved LGBTQIA+ siblings through worship this PRIDE!
  • Virtual PRIDE Guide to Worship: Creating a virtual space that is both welcoming and hospitable to LGBTQIA+ people is key to a successful PRIDE celebration. For those who are worshipping virtually through Zoom or other online faculties, check out some helpful tips from ReconcilingWorks to make this PRIDE special.
  • 2021 PRIDE Prayers: Throughout the month of June, ReconcilingWorks will be sharing PRIDE-themed prayers on social media. We invite you to do the same! Check out the prayers prior so you can include them in your monthly publications.

One way to help show your support this PRIDE is through the purchase of a shirt or sweatshirt! ReconcilingWorks has created two designs for the 2021 Virtual PRIDE celebrations.

RWKS PRIDE 2021:ReconcilingWorks is accompanying over 350 faith communities in their journey to become Reconciling in Christ (RIC). Your purchase of the RWKS PRIDE shirt will be used to support faith communities in their journey to become Reconciling in Christ. 100% of the funds raised will be used to make an impact in the Lutheran Church.

Reconciling in Christ PRIDE: Outreach and education are a critical part of the welcome, inclusion, celebration, and advocacy of LGBTQIA+ people in the Lutheran Church. Your purchase of the Reconciling in Christ PRIDE shirt will support resource development at ReconcilingWorks. 100% of the funds raised will be used to support continued learning for people and faith communities.

Purchase yours today at https://www.bonfire.com/store/reconcilingworks/

Did you know 90% of the financial support for the RIC program is made possible by individual gifts? Every gift, including yours, makes a tremendous impact on the RIC program and the larger Lutheran church in its welcome, inclusion, and celebration of LGBTQIA+ people. Now is your chance to make a difference by making a gift!

In honor of PRIDE 2021 ReconcilingWorks is offering a special discount of 21% off our Educational Resources. Go to our eStore and use code PRIDE2021 today!

ReconcilingWorks has over 950 Reconciling in Christ Partners who have made a public declaration to welcome, include and celebrate LGBTQIA+ people in their faith communities. However, we know this community could expand if we had our most popular resources available in other languages. 100% of all gifts given this Give OUT Day will be used to cover the cost of translation. Will you be the one who makes this holy ministry more accessible to the larger church? The more funds we raise the more languages we can have available! Make your gift HERE.

Are you looking for a stole to help show your PRIDE? Purchase a raffle ticket between now and June 14th at 12 pm CT to be entered into a drawing to win one of two custom-made clergy stole or deacon stole! Each $25 gift equals one drawing. Each additional gift of $25 will be another entry $50 = 2 entries $75 = 3 entries, etc. Click here for your entry!

Many Reconciling in Christ (RIC) partners can be found walking in PRIDE parades, setting up booths for fairs, or simply making their spaces open for the public to use in LGBTQIA+ celebrations during PRIDE. Each week we will be releasing a new RIC partner's video. We wanted to celebrate their work, and hear from them:

  1. What makes you most excited about being Reconciling in Christ?
  2. What impact does being Reconciling in Christ have on your community’s ministry?
  3. What new opportunities do you see for your Reconciling in Christ community in 2021 and beyond? What new milestones of welcome do you hope to achieve?

Bethel Lutheran Church (Northfield, MN)

Advent Lutheran Church (North York, ON)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Fayetteville, AR)

During our Virtual PRIDE celebration anyone who makes a gift to ReconcilingWorks will be entered into a drawing to win some of ReconcilngWork's most loved merchandise. Two lucky donors will win!