A New RIC Community: Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (Reston, VA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Christ the Servant Lutheran Church (Reston, VA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“You are welcome to worship here!
Whether you arrive on foot, on wheels, with some assistance, or in the company of a service animal, there will be someone to greet you and all who accompany you with a helping hand.

Whether you are living year to year, day to day, or paycheck to paycheck, a cup of hot coffee will be ready for you.

Whether you are single, committed, married, divorced, lost your partner, still looking or not; LGBTQIA+ or an ally, the sanctuary doors will be open for you.

Whether you come dressed in a kaftan, sari, sweater, kilt, chädor, jeans, kimono, or suit and tie, there will be a seat waiting for you.

Whether English is your first or eighth language, you have spoken it from your first word or are still learning, the music and liturgy will speak to you.

Whether you are just traveling through, have recently joined us, or helped establish our church decades ago, there will be friends waiting here for you.

Whether your burdens are heavy or light, you are imprisoned or free, have sinned once or many times, the grace of God will be with you at the communion table through bread and wine or a blessing.

Whether you find joy in crayons, music, fellowship, pancake suppers, or the gospel, you will find a celebration here.

Whether you are not sure about church, have just been baptized, or grew up reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the Creeds, there will be a lesson to challenge your thinking.

Whether your talents include cooking, cleaning, reading, woodworking, driving, shopping, teaching, counseling, organizing, translating, or singing, there will be an opportunity for you to serve others.

Whether you find yourself on this list or not, you are welcome here to celebrate, think, and serve.”

Learn more about Christ the Servant Lutheran Church at: https://www.christserves.org/