A New RIC Community: Church of the Apostles (Seattle, WA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Church of the Apostles (Seattle, WA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Church of the Apostles is a congregation that embraces the diversity of human experience. We celebrate all cultural and racial identities. We honor and affirm all people’s expressions of their own gender identity and sexuality. We affirm and celebrate love between people. We believe that all humans embody divine image, are called to do divine work as co-creators with God, and are equal recipients of divine grace through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that God’s work of love and reconciliation with creation wholly includes the life, love, and ministry of people of all genders, all races and all sexual orientations — simply put, all people. We strongly uphold diversity of thought and being while creating meaningful worship together. There is no one creed, doctrine or belief required to collaborate with us in worship or in works.”

Learn more about Church of the Apostles at: http://www.apostleschurch.org/.