A New RIC Community: First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Tulsa, OK)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: First Evangelical Lutheran Church (Tulsa, OK).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Whether you’re just starting your spiritual journey or looking for ways to grow deeper in your faith, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Tulsa is pleased to walk with you.

The community of First Lutheran invites you into our joy, no matter who you’ve been, where you’ve been, what you’ve done or left undone. Each and every person is our neighbor, to be loved as we love ourselves.

We especially welcome and support those who have felt excluded from the spiritual community.

We commit ourselves to treat each person as an equally loved, forgiven, accepted, and blessed child of God.

We profess the worth and dignity of every person and recognize each one as created in the image of God.

We follow God’s calling to be just by working to achieve racial equity.

This means: First Lutheran, Tulsa loves, invites, and welcomes people of all races, ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender expressions, gender identities, marital status, physical and mental abilities, family structures and economic statuses. The people of the church should look like the people of the place we call home.

Learn more about First Evangelical Lutheran Church at: felctulsa.org