A New RIC Community: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Port Angeles, WA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Port Angeles, WA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Welcome To Holy Trinity

As people of faith we know that all of us are made in God’s image. We know that God loves every single human being. God loves you just as you are. God loves people of all races, all ethnicities, and all cultures. God loves people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. God loves people of all religions and all political convictions. God loves the poor and the rich, the healthy and the sick. God loves people of all abilities. All of us are precious to God, and God celebrates our very existence every day!

As people of faith, we know that we are conduits of God’s love. God’s love is to pour through us into the world and touch other people with grace, joy, and compassion. God loves ALL people, those who are just like us, and those who are very different. And we try to do the same. Christian love, agape, is not an emotion, but a conviction, the conviction to show goodwill to every single person that God puts into our path.

We invite you to come and get to know us. You will find people of all ages and all stations of life committed to building a welcoming and affirming community. You will find a liturgical Sunday morning service with excellent music and preaching, and a community active in education, advocacy, and art during the week. Will you find the perfect community? No. Will there be hypocrites around? Possibly. Our Lutheran theology tells us that we are all sinners and saints, at the same time. We are struggling with our own brokenness, and striving to put Jesus first, at the same time. We promise that we will welcome you with open arms, and that we will be there to accompany you on your faith journey if you so wish.

God loves you, and we do our best to do likewise!

Pastors, Council and Congregation of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Learn more about Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at: www.go2trinity.org