A New RIC Community: Immanuel Lutheran Church (Eau Claire, WI)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Immanuel Lutheran Church (Eau Claire, WI).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Here at Immanuel, we live in God’s unending grace by striving to be a “Church Without Walls,” extending our witness into the community and welcoming all. We recognize that every person has a valuable story that carries infinite worth. We are called by Jesus to love expansively and make this unwavering pledge to welcome all people, without exception. We affirm the image of God in people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, relationship status, physical or mental ability, health status, and cultural or ethnic identity. In our church family we welcome all regardless of socioeconomic situation, addiction, imprisonment, or anything else that too often divides us.

Please join us as we celebrate the image of God in all people, nurture meaningful relationships, and share our collective gifts in response to the world’s deep hunger for hope, love, grace, justice and peace.”

Learn more about Immanuel Lutheran Church at: https://www.immanuelec.org/