A new RIC community, Mount Carmel Lutheran Church

mount carmel

We are pleased to announce our newest RIC community – Mount Carmel Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Mount Carmel began a year and a half long study process in 2012 which included forums, sermons, and newsletter articles. Pastor Johnson said that Mount Carmel is “constantly looking for opportunities to serve outside ourselves.”

“We desire to have the same mind and motivation that was found in the essence of Jesus’ ministry throughout his days on earth,” a portion of Mount Carmel’s welcome statement reads. “Our vision as a diverse community is rooted in these principles – to love, care, value, inspire and hope as Jesus did.”

Mount Carmel Lutheran Church partners with Tosa Cares, a volunteer organization which collects non-perishable food items, personal care items, clothing and school supplies for distribution to families in need.

Learn more about Mount Carmel Lutheran Church here. 

Please join us in welcoming, Mount Carmel Lutheran Church to the RIC community! Post your congratulations here on facebook.

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