A New RIC Community: St. Luke Lutheran Church (Devon, PA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: St. Luke Lutheran Church (Devon, PA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Jesus welcomes everyone –no exceptions!Jesus was famous for extending a radical welcome to everyone he met, crossing over all kinds of human-made lines and boundaries. Having received Jesus’ radical welcome ourselves, we extend that same welcome to all people. At Saint Luke, every person’s identity is recognized and celebrated as a gift from God –no exceptions! Whatever our race, culture or color, we are welcome here. Whatever our marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, political philosophy, physical or intellectual ability, we are welcome here. If we are inked, pierced, both, or neither, we are welcome here. When we come with squirmy toddlers or expressive infants, we are welcome here. Whether we have a background in the Lutheran church, some other church, or no church, we are welcome here. Whether we are excited about what we believe, or are unsure if we believe anything, we are welcome here. This welcome extends to the celebration of Holy Communion: Jesus welcomes everyone to his table –no exceptions!”

Learn more about St. Luke Lutheran Church at: http://www.saintlukedevon.org/