A New RIC Community: Storyline Community (Milwaukie, OR)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Storyline Community (Milwaukie, OR).

Their welcome statement reads:

“Storyline Community is a collective of humans from all over our neighborhoods. We make space for neighbors to know and meet the deep needs of their neighborhood. We make space for our stories to be connected … all our stories. Our stories of Christian faith. Our stories of being wounded by the church. Our stories of no faith at all. Our stories of lived inequity. Our stories of privilege. Our stories of love and loss. Our stories of addiction and recovery. Our stories of divorce. Our stories of birth and parenting and growing. Our stories of infertility. Our stories of coming out and being celebrated. Our stories of coming out and being rejected. Our stories of fear and our stories of hope. Storyline Community is a collective of humans whose stories matter. So no matter your race, class, education, physical ability, citizenship status, sexual orientation or gender identity….Your story is welcome in our community. Your voice, your leadership, your experience and your body belong here and we seek to make space for your story to be heard, known and sacred.”

Learn more about Storyline Community at: www.storylinecommunitypdx.com