A New RIC Community: The Well Campus Ministry (Blacksburg, VA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: The Well Campus Ministry (Blacksburg, VA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“The Well Lutheran Campus Ministry at Virginia Tech
Welcome Statement and Covenant:

“God loves us and calls us to love. We are called to welcome and affirm all, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, denomination affiliation, or any barrier that divides us, because God’s love unites us. Through discipleship and active service to our community, we strive to intentionally deepen our relationship with God and one another, and to uphold the values of our covenant.”

As a campus ministry, it is our responsibility to provide for the wellbeing of our greater communities of students at Virginia Tech and beyond. As students, we are called to learn. The Well Lutheran Campus Ministry was founded as a safe, affirming space for students to learn and grow, in respective academic fields and in faith. It is our mission to learn and teach about the extraordinary extent of God’s love.
❖ Our community believes that God’s love is limitless and extends to all people, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, denomination, physical or mental health, socio-economic circumstances, or faith tradition. God’s love unites us.
❖ Our community actively welcomes, affirms, and supports members of LGBTQIA+ communities, and is committed to racial equity and advocating for marginalized groups and peoples at Virginia Tech and around our nation and world.
❖ Our community is dedicated to learning and teaching members and individuals of our surrounding communities about the importance of service, especially in uplifting oppressed communities around the world. We abide by Virginia Tech’s motto, “Ut Prosim: That I May Serve”, recognizing that service is more than an action; it is a commitment.
❖ Our community is united in our recognition that we are God’s children, and all people are God’s children. We support and affirm one another in our faith journeys, and we promote opportunities to grow in faith together.
We uphold the values of our covenant with the knowledge that there is room for everyone at God’s table. So come, take a seat, and be at peace.
+ YOU are Welcome Here +

Learn more about The Well Campus Ministry at: https://lmlc.org/campus-ministry