A New RIC Community: Westwood Lutheran Church (St. Louis Park, MN)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Westwood Lutheran Church (St. Louis Park, MN).

Their welcome statement reads:

“God loves, embraces and takes joy in us—right now, as we are.  It’s with this amazing welcome that we welcome you to Westwood.  Here we are safe to be ourselves across every spectrum imaginable—from sexuality and age and race, to gender and culture and even stage of our faith journey.

Whether we’ve been here minutes or decades, we are equally welcome—and included—in God’s space.  This is the welcome we work to create in all we do at Westwood.  Naturally, this welcome includes our sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and relationship status.

As we strive to live this welcome to the fullest, we also continue to pursue learning, correction and growth in extending it to all people.  Limited by language, we will also regularly return to this statement to ensure that it says all are welcome to this place without exception.

We invite you to join us in extending this joyful welcome that comes from God.”

Learn more about Westwood Lutheran Church at: https://www.westwood.church/