Anti-Bullying Resources

  • Where All Can Safely Live – Revised and Expanded!
    A guide to understanding bullying in our communities, how to talk about it, and how to prevent it. This anti-bullying curriculum is an introduction to what bullying is, how it functions, and why we as Christians are called to prevent it from happening in our communities. It was developed with the help of the staff at the Pacific Violence Prevention Institute, from the pioneering research on bullying by Dan Olweus, and materials created by the United States government. Revised and expanded in 2013.  Free download.
  • Where Hands Will Reach
    Devotions, Stories, Reflections. Where Hands Will Reach contains responses to bullying from ELCA pastors, parents, theologians, and others. In this booklet you will find devotions, personal stories, and theological reflections on the problem of bullying and what some have done to help. Originally written for the 2011 ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Orlando, these reflections offer an ongoing-testimony for the need to  activate and organize the passion of God’s people for justice to transform the life of the church and society. Great for Bible studies, book clubs, and other forums. Free download. Beautiful printed version available for purchase. Please call 651-665-0861.