A new RIC community: Christ Lutheran Church (Reedley, CA)

ReconcilingWorks is proud to present our newest RIC community: Christ Lutheran Church in Reedley, California!

Their welcome statement reads: “Welcome to Sunday worship. You are welcome here as a child of God. We celebrate your identity as a gift from God and we welcome you to a diverse community of believers united in our faith. We extend welcome to people of all races, cultures, and colors; to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities; to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; to people of every legal, economic and marital status; and to all those whom the world seeks to separate, divide or isolate. Our unity is in Christ; we follow his teachings and so we welcome everyone in the name of Christ.”

Join them for worship on Sundays at 10am, or visit them online at https://christlutheranchurchreedley.360unite.com/home!

christ reedley