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You can make a secure online donation to ReconcilingWorks using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.


Mail donations

Donations can be mailed to ReconcilingWorks:

1669 Arcade St Ste 2
Saint Paul, MN 55106-1054

Ongoing donations & pledges

Evergreen GivingEvergreen Giving allows you to support ReconcilingWorks by periodic withdrawals from your checking, savings, or credit card account. It helps us plan our revenue and meet our goals from a more predicable income stream. And you don’t need to remember to write those checks each month! Just download and print the PDF authorization form, fill in the personal information and institutional donation sections, attach a voided check or savings deposit slip and mail it all to ReconcilingWorks, 1669 Arcade St Ste 2, Saint Paul, MN 55106-1054.

Donor Advised Funds

Would you like to make a donation to ReconcilingWorks from a donor advised fund (“DAF”)? Several donor advised fund managers participate in DAF Direct and allow you to directly request a donation to ReconcilingWorks by using this widget.

If your DAF manager doesn’t participate in DAF Direct, please contact the manager directly and request a donation to:

Lutherans Concerned/North America DBA ReconcilingWorks
An IRS 501(c)(3) organization with taxpayer ID (TIN/EIN): 36-3209636
1669 Arcade St Ste 2
Saint Paul, MN 55106-1054

Stock Transfers, IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions, Bequests, etc.

ReconcilingWorks is also able to receive contributions via direct stock transfer, via IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), via bequests in wills, via direct donation of whole life insurance policies, as beneficiary for life insurance/retirment/pension/etc., and many other methods. Because the details and specifics for each of these methods can be complicated and change over time, if you would like to make a donation via one of these or another method, please contact our office directly for further instructions.