Equality Maryland Clergy Support Letter

[Sent to the membership lists of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia]

Maryland will soon be undergoing another round of battles in its legislature to legalize same-gender marriage.  Equality Maryland has a Clergy Support letter on its website, http://www.equalitymaryland.org/religiouspetition.


Strong opposition to equal rights for LGBT people has come from some religious leaders.  That played a significant role in the defeat of this measure the last time it came up.  Now is the time for Lutheran rostered leaders who support equality and full inclusion to join their voices with other faith leaders speaking out in favor of equality.


This petition is for rostered leaders only, clergy and associates in ministry, deacons, deaconesses.  You check all of three categories that apply: you live in Maryland, the congregation/organization you serve is in Maryland, the congregation/organization you serve has members who live in Maryland.  Only one is necessary.  The blanket message to the membership in adjoining states is so you know what is going on with your neighbors and, if any of the conditions are met, you could consider signing the petition.


Don’t let silence or delay let anyone think there are not rostered leaders in the Lutheran church who fully endorse full equality and inclusion in church and society.  Bring this to the attention of your pastor, in case she or he may have missed the alert.


Phil Soucy

Director Communications LC/NA