Expressing Thanks and Deep Gratitude

On behalf of ReconcilingWorks and its Board of Directors, I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for Tim Fisher and his nine years of dedication and service to our organization and let you know his last day with ReconcilingWorks will be May 19th.

tim-fisherTim Fisher has worked faithfully for ReconcilingWorks since 2007. Tim’s work has focused on ELCA Churchwide legislative strategy and communications. Tim was a part of the team who shaped the work of the ELCA’s 2009 decision that allowed lesbian and gay clergy to serve openly in a life-long, monogamous, committed relationship. This moment was game changing in the life of the church and in the lives of hundreds of LGBTQ clergy across the country. Tim’s work and professionalism have had a deep impact in the expressions of the Lutheran Church from Churchwide to synods, congregations, and individuals. Tim is a passionate advocate for those who have been marginalized by culture and the church. His legacy is filled with conviction, passion, and a strong vision of a church where all are free to be fully themselves.

“It has been a great honor to work with ReconcilingWorks over these last nine years. When I joined the staff in 2007, I could not have imagined how far we would be able to go in moving the church toward a more welcoming and inclusive policy and culture. I treasure my time working with so many brilliant, visionary, and steadfast builders of the beloved community: staff, board, legislative team, regional coordinators, volunteers, and colleagues from all corners of the church,” Tim says. “My life has been enriched immensely. I trust God blesses our ministry of reconciliation and that ReconcilingWorks will be a faithful leader on the continuing journey toward justice and inclusion.”

ReconcilingWorks is committed to ensuring that the policy work so many have dedicated themselves to becomes a lived experience by deepening and expanding the RIC program. There has not been a time in ReconcilingWorks history with a greater amount of interest and engagement in the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program. ReconcilingWorks currently has over 440 congregations who are in a journey of discernment to become RIC and are quickly approaching 700 RIC settings around the country. The work before us all is life changing and lifesaving as we strive to connect with the 93% of the ELCA who have not made the commitment to become RIC.

ReconcilingWorks holds Tim Fisher in our prayers and offers our deepest gratitude for his nine years with the organization. May our good and gracious God continue to move us in ways where we are able to meet the needs of LGBTQ people in our church and society.

With gratitude,

Aubrey Thonvold
Executive Director
ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation