Families Valued – A Play by William Randall Beard

Families Valued weaves together the stories of more than a half a dozen gay and lesbian couples into a dramatic presentation that utilizes the power of theater to educate and transform hearts and minds. The play gives audiences a glimpse into the full range of these couples’ lives, from their falling in love, to their commitment ceremonies, to their ongoing lives together.

the play demonstrates the ordinary domesticity of these couples’ lives, as well as the unfairness of the discrimination they have to endure. Being the true stories of actual couples gives the drama an added degree of authenticity.

The 45-minute play utilizes four professional actors and needs only four chairs, making it simple and uncomplicated for a church or organization to present. It is appropriate for use at a Sunday morning adult forum, but is dramatic enough for a more traditional theatrical production.

William Randall Beard is a nationally recognized playwright. His play, Beyond the Rainbow, commissioned by the History Theatre in St. Paul, MN in 2005 and revived there in 2011, has had 10 additional productions around the country. Also in 2011, Park Square Theatre in St. Paul staged his adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. Over the last 25 years, he has written for theaters across the cultural spectrum, from Stages Youth Theatre (three commissions) to the avant-garde Red Eye Theatre (two productions). As an arts journalist, he regularly contributes theatre and classical music reviews to the Minneapolis Star Tribune and is the theatre writer for Mpls/St Paul magazine.

Performances of Families Valued

How can you become a witness to this play?  This play is available in two ways:

For a per performance cost of $25.00, you provide the actors. You will receive 4 copies of the play for each of your performers.

For a full-package price of $200.00, plus the addition of mileage compensation for the actors.
This package deal includes:

  •     Randy’s actors will perform the play.
  •     Flyers to hand out ahead of time will be provided.
  •     Programs for the performance will be provided.

To sign up for the play, download this form, print it out, and mail it in.

Questions?  Please contact the ReconcilingWorks office at  admin@ReconcilingWorks.org or 651-665-0861.