A new RIC community: Gethsemane Lutheran Church (Manchester, NH)

ReconcilingWorks is proud to present the newest RIC community: Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Manchester, New Hampshire!

Their welcome statement reads: “Gethsemane Lutheran Church is a community that is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and we provide as many opportunities as possible to help everyone who spends time with us to grow spiritually, and in loving service to the community and the world. We actively seek to lead lives that draw us into closer relationship with God. Gethsemane welcomes all people, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender people, and people of all cultures, rich and poor, all ethnic backgrounds, all ages, and people of every social or economic status. All are welcome and encouraged to participate fully in the life we share together in Jesus Christ.”

Join them on Sundays at 8:30 or 10am, or visit them online at http://glcmanchester.org/!