Each Assembly is framed in the context of worship. We start with a celebration of the God who binds us together, and we end with a festival of sending. In between, from each morning’s beginning with Bible Study to the keynote presentations and workshops through to our evening worship, we are doing the work of the people. The worship experiences throughout the Assembly are designed to empower us for work which extends well beyond the walls of Augsburg College through our homes into the Church and the world.

Assembly worship services will draw from a rich variety of traditions, including our Lutheran liturgy, while highlighting some of the gifts and talents of our own membership. From the deep roots of liturgical Lutheran services, to voices and music of our global family, the worship offerings will suit a variety of musical and liturgical tastes. The worship will be in a style that you will find comfortable, but will also push you to new experiences that may broaden your understanding of worship. The worship planning team is committed to using inclusive language. We embrace with humility and awe our ability to call upon God, in all God’s fullness, in our own finite language. It is our hope that you will have an encounter with God through one or more of the worship styles represented.