Local Chapters

Many chapters provide worship services, insightful speakers, fellowship events, and local newsletters. They foster mutual support and friendship in a spiritual setting. Local chapters provide the “front lines” for reaching out to people in need, communicating to local Lutheran church members, and building affirming communities.

Current List of Local Chapters

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How to Form a Local Chapter

If you are interested in forming a chapter, contact membership@ReconcilingWorks.org or the Regional Coordinator for your region for more information and helpful resources. Available are a listing of practical suggestions and a standard letter outlining ways to call and conduct an initial meeting, which builds enthusiasm and promotes success.

After five or more people have agreed to become paid members of ReconcilingWorks and desire to form a chapter, both the Petition for Chapter Recognition and Chapter Fact Sheet forms* may be completed. Included on the written petition should be a suggested chapter name and mailing address in addition to a list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of the founding members. Both the Petition and Chapter Fact Sheet should be sent to the ReconcilingWorks Office, 1669 Arcade St Ste 2, Saint Paul, MN, 55106-1054.

* forms require Adobe Reader