Matching Gift Received: Act Now to Double Your Impact

Mike was checking blog posts from his alma mater, when he came across an entry from Jack, a gay student in his first year. The young man had experienced bullying based on supposed “Christian values.” Loneliness and isolation prevailed in his classes and dorm life. Like so many LGBT youth, Jack had trouble reconciling his faith with his sexuality.

Mike remembered that as a young adult, an evangelical Baptist, and closeted gay man at that Christian college, he had endured the same. 

Mike was blessed and courageous. He made his way to Lutheranism, ReconcilingWorks, and an RIC congregation. He knows to his toes what Jack doesn’t that God loves him unconditionally. He also knows the support of his church, something that Jack can only dream about.

Mike Crandell

Mike Crandall

Four out of five Jack’s leave the church when they come out.

We think one is too many.

Mike believes that the ministry of ReconcilingWorks and its outreach to LGBT youth and young adults saves lives and renews faith. His excitement about our ministry has translated into a very generous matching gift of $10,000 toward closing our funding gap of $20,000 by March 3rd. 

Your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar up to that amount. 


LGBT youth and young adults like Jack find solace, support and courage through our digital outreach. Our following of 16 to 24 year olds find us mostly on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Our ministry through digital media which confirms God’s grace and unconditional love for LGBT people costs $68.38 per day. 

We invite you to join Mike today in making Jack’s dreams of inclusion and yours a reality.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress to meet Mike’s match.

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In gratitude for the abundance with which we are richly blessed.

P.S. How many days of saving ministry to youth and young adults can you give? The Jacks of the world are waiting.

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*The Beginning Funding Gap is calculated by taking the total expenses required to run the organization and subtracting committed grants and pledges. The Balance of the Funding Gap is calculated by taking the Beginning Funding Gap and subtracting funds already received toward that gap.