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Dr. Philip Moeller

 In case you haven’t heard about GivingTuesday, it’s a nationwide effort to inspire financial generosity toward non-profits at the very beginning of the holiday giving season.  It comes on the coat tails of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This year GivingTuesday is on December 2, 2014. 

I am the Director of International Programs on the Board of Directors for ReconcilingWorks, a Lutheran organization working for full welcome of LGBT people in the Lutheran church.  ReconcilingWorks is participating in GivingTuesday and I am asking for your financial support in this ministry!  

Here are four reasons why:

  • The momentum created by legal victories around the nation in marriage equality for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people, has increased the number of Lutheran congregations who are ready to begin talking about how they can better welcome LGBT people.  I want to make sure that ReconcilingWorks has the capacity to respond to these requests with our Marriage Conversations Resource as we enter 2015.
  • “It took a long time for people to understand what RIC meant.  I’m not sure if they even do now and we’ve been RIC since 2006!” said Ruth, a member of ReconcilingWorks in Minnesota.  The work of welcome has not finished.  Too many churches still preach hate toward LGBT people.  I want the public voice of Christianity to be one of prophetic love!
  • A goal of ReconcilingWorks is to DOUBLE the number of Reconciling In Christ churches across the nation.
  • Your help is critical.  Just $5.00 can send a packet of training materials to a prospect RIC setting!


YOU can help me meet these goals by contributing a meaningful amount. Donate NOW on the form below.

If you have people in your life that you think would be happy to be a part of the welcoming church movement, feel free to share this link!

Thank you for your generosity!

Philip Moeller


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