Bishop Smith, North Carolina Synod, ELCA, condemns gun violence, offers support for LGBTQ community

ReconcilingWorks thanks Bishop Smith, North Carolina Synod, ELCA, for his words condemning gun violence and supporting the LGBTQ community in Orlando.

pablo (1)“In what universe does anyone need legal access to these to protect one’s freedom? If it’s because the government has them and we might need them in our neighborhood militias to resist or overthrow a tyrannical government, then perhaps we should all have access to our own little neighborhood nuclear warheads as well? You know, just in case, to protect us, even if that means a few crazies and haters blow up communities once a week or so. That’s the price of freedom, right? Yes, in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, I am for stricter gun laws and against hate rhetoric and actions directed at any of God’s precious children, most recently the LGBTQ community in Orlando. Go spin this in your political comments all you want. I’m appealing to common sense and to the way of Christ. ‪#‎stopthemadness‬

–Bishop Timothy Smith, North Carolina Synod, ELCA