The St. Paul Area Synod Assembly Opposes Changing the Minnesota Constitution

During their assembly at Prince of Peace Lutheran in Burnsville, Minnesota, the St. Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), on May 19 overwhelmingly passed a resolution that opposes the proposed “marriage amendment” to the Minnesota constitution that would prevent same-gender couples from seeking through legislation and other legal means the same rights and benefits granted to others.

In taking this action, the St. Paul Area Synod assembly is the fifth synod of the six ELCA synods in Minnesota to have met in assembly and passed resolutions expressing opposition to amending the constitution of the State of Minnesota to state that marriage was solely between a man and a woman.  Previously, the Northwestern Minnesota Synod, Southeastern Minnesota Synod, Northeastern Minnesota Synod and Minneapolis Area Synod assemblies have passed such a resolution.  The remaining synod in Minnesota, the Southwestern Minnesota Synod, will meet in assembly on June 8-9.

As with the other resolutions passed on this subject, the resolution passed at the St. Paul Area assembly does not bind the individual members of the synod to vote in any particular way in the November election.  However, like the others, it is an important sense of this synod’s reaction to the attempt to change the constitution to restrict rather than protect freedom of conscience.

The Rev. Anita Hill, Regional Director, Lutherans Concerned/North America, said of the passing of this resolution, “My partner, Janelle, and I have been living Lutheran together for 19 years. This resolution makes a difference to us as a couple and to me personally. Marriage is about love and commitment, for us and for thousands of other same-gender couples, like couples who have adopted their children and, though they are both are legally parents, in many places they are not allowed to be legally related to each other.  We are all grateful for the support of this synod.  Lutherans live in the freedom to care for our LGBT neighbors and their families, for all families. We are already reconciled in Christ. Let us keep on living Lutheran together.”