Give to the Max, and increase your welcome

Our second annual “Give to the Max Day” has begun!  Last year, we were able to raise $13,000. We hope to match or top that this year!’s Give to the Max Day amplifies your giving impact in a number of ways:

• Win a Golden Ticket! $1,000 will be given to a random donor’s charity every hour between midnight and 11:59 on Tuesday, November 16. You could be that donor! Are you an early bird or night owl? Donating outside of “normal” business hours will increase your chances of increasing your gift.   

• Any donation given through will be MATCHED dollar for dollar up to $7,000, thanks.

• Put us on the Leader Board! Your donation on November 16, could put us on the leader board to win $10,000 or even $20,000 for the most number of donors for our nonprofit. Help us get “on the board!”

Here’s how you can help: 

• Visit ( between midnight and 11:59 on Tuesday, November 16th.

• Make a donation on the right side of the page.

• A large number of donations during peak periods of the day may cause delays. If so, please go back later.

• Ask your friends and other LC/NA supporters to also make a donation. Forward this email, post on Facebook, Twitter it up. Let other supporters of full participation join us in Lutherans Concerned/North America.

Give to the Max Day is an excellent opportunity to let folks know about the ministry of Lutherans Concerned. We hope that you will help us promote Give to the Max Day.

Ross Murray
Deputy Director
Lutherans Concerned/North America