A new RIC community: Open Arms Worshipping Community (Rockton, IL)

ReconcilingWorks is proud to present our newest RIC community: Open Arms Worshipping Community in Rockton, IL!

Their welcome statement reads: “In response to the call of Romans 15:7, “Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you for the glory of God,” we believe that every person has worth as an individual and every person is entitled to dignity and respect. We invite people of every age, economic condition, ethnic and racial background, physical and mental ability, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity into our community. We recognize that lists are always incomplete and no one should be reduced to a label or stereotype. So why have we made a list or gone beyond a simple statement like “all are welcome”? Experience has taught us that until you have been on the outside, it’s hard to imagine how important it is to be truly welcomed inside. Our aim is to live into this statement as genuinely and compassionately as we possibly can. We will continue to listen for God’s voice trusting that the Holy Spirit is present in every holy conversation. We will treat all people with dignity. We will listen respectfully and carefully. We will do our best to model Christ’s love and care. And we will be sensitive to the fact that even though we may not be of the same mind on an issue, we are united in Christ. As Jesus opened his arms welcoming all into his love, we as his church do our best to do the same. All persons are welcomed through our open door; we will not sit in judgement as we all are children of God and he is a God of Love. May God give us the grace to welcome & forgive one another as Christ has welcomed & forgiven us.”

Join them for worship on Sundays at 9am, or visit them online at http://openarmslutheran.org/