“Pastoral Care with Transgender and/or Same-Gender-Loving People” – Lutherans Concerned Teaching at Creating Change 2012 in Baltimore

 Lutherans Concerned will join with other faith groups in presenting two academies of special interest to pastors and laypeople in the Practice Spirit Do Justice program of “Creating Change” in Baltimore, January 2012. 

 “Pastoral Care with Transgender and/or Same-Gender-Loving People” will be facilitated by JamieAnn Meyers, Transgender Representative on the LC/NA Board of Directors and LC/NA Co-Chair Nicole Garcia, along with experienced faculty from other faith groups.  This program is a collaboration of the Interfaith Working Group, UCC Genderfold Action Alliance, and the Pacific School of Religion.


Time/Place: Baltimore, MD, Saturday, January 28, 2012, morning.

Register through Creating Change www.creatingchange.org


This session will combine expert presentations with peer-consultation opportunities in order to empower pastoral care providers (e.g. pastors, rabbis, chaplains, etc) to better accompany transgender (T) and same-gender-loving (SGL) constituencies on journeys towards health and wholeness. Experienced facilitators will present on specific topics relating to the important role of pastoral care providers in the T/SGL continuum of care. In addition to life transitions and spiritual counseling, the session will address medical and mental health disparities, access to competent health care, dynamics around non-T/SGL family members, and the particular vulnerabilities of youth. Participants are encouraged to bring their own questions and case studies to the conversation.


This session is for pastoral care providers such as chaplains, rabbis, pastors, seminarians, etc. who want to increase their competency in providing pastoral support to transgender and same-gender-loving constituencies. While appropriate for all levels of experience with T/SGL audiences, this multi-faith discussion will focus on practical pastoral issues, not theological foundations. Opportunities will be provided for discussion both with peers and experienced facilitators, which will let participants guide the depth of the conversation.

 If you have not already done so, sign up now for this important learning experience and gateway to improving your pastoral skills.

 The other academy, “Building Bridges Across Oppressions,” is covered in a separate notice to members.

 Additionally, Lutherans Concerned will have a display in the hall with other welcoming communities of faith and advocacy organizations.  Operations Manager Brett Bowman and Communications Director Phil Soucy will be at our display, advocating for full inclusion and reconciliation.  Come and meet them, assist if you want, and carry the message about LC/NA’s work with you into the 2012 Creating Change.