Philadelphia Trans Health Conference – A Wonderful Opportunity for Growth

From JamieAnn Meyers:

Dear Friends in Christ,

      Is your congregation a place where all people can find a spiritual home in which they can grow, find meaning, and be, or even become, their most authentic self?  All of our congregations strive towards being welcoming and inclusive to all, but it’s an ongoing journey to reach that goal.  We are always searching for opportunities to learn and to grow into truly welcoming and inclusive spiritual homes for all people, with no exceptions.

      A wonderful opportunity for growth is taking place May 31-June 3 at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (, the largest event of its kind and entirely free!  Numerous workshops, presentations, keynote speeches, and events provide education in all areas of transgender health and wellness of mind, body, spirit, and community.  And opportunities for spiritual growth abound!

      Our new affinity group, TransLutherans, will be represented at the Interfaith Working Group table by Nicole Garcia, LC/NA Co-Chair.  If you live within striking distance of the Philadelphia area, please consider attending one or more days of the conference.  You’ll be amazed by how your sense of welcome and inclusion for trans people will be deepened by the experience.

In Peace and Solidarity,
JamieAnn Meyers
Transgender Representative on the Board of Directors, LC/NA