Preparing for Hurricane Irene: Information specifically for transgender people, useful for everyone as well

[The following message came to us from Vincent Paolo Villano, National Center for Transgender Equality, regarding concerns about transgender people displaced by the approaching Hurricane Irene.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this information, please get it to them.  Additionally, the kit contains general information useful to anyone who is in the path of the storm or being displaced.]


Increasing reports show that Hurricane Irene is gaining strength as it heads to North Carolina’s Outer Banks and up the East Coast. As residents prepare for Irene’s landfall, NCTE emphasizes care for transgender people displaced by the storm. In the past, transgender people have faced disrespect and discrimination when seeking resources or accessing homeless and emergency shelters.


Read National Center for Transgender Equality’s Hurricane Preparedness Kit (HPK) and pass it on to friends and loved ones who may be impacted by the storm. The HPK can be found at


If you are experiencing disrespect or discrimination in a relief shelter or emergency service, please call a Lambda Legal National Help Desk for assistance:


Toll free: (866) 542-8336

New York: (212) 809-8585

Atlanta: (404) 897-1880


We strongly recommend bringing the HPK printed pages with you or copy the numbers if you evacuate so that you will have all of the resource numbers in case you encounter a problem.


Visit this site ( for updates on Irene’s development.


Stay Safe,

Vincent Paolo Villano


[Our prayers and concern go out for all who will be displaced and disrupted by this impending major storm.  As Vincent said, “Stay Safe.”  You are irreplaceable.]


Phil Soucy

Director Communications LC/NA