Happy Pride

Happy Pride

Dear Friends,

As June is racing to a close, so concludes a month filled with LGBT PRIDE all over the country. ReconcilingWorks has received many wonderful stories of how Reconciling Lutherans across the country are showing their support and PRIDE in their LGBT community! We are so excited by the work you are doing in the world!

PRIDE month is also a time for giving. The end of June also brings the end of the fiscal year for ReconcilingWorks. As I write this letter, we are $112,000 from the goal we set for ourselves last year. I am asking you to help us close this gap, through a special PRIDE season gift.


• $250 helps maintain successful contact with current Reconciling In Christ (RIC) settings throughout the year by allowing staff to connect, send resources and help with bumps along their journey.

• $100 sends 4 packets to prospective RIC settings.

• $45 dollars provides a scholarship for one participant at a Building an Inclusive Church training, to help design and implement a successful welcoming process in a new congregation.


The work of ReconcilingWorks is essential in this moment. The RIC settings are expanding and the culture of the ELCA is shifting. There is still work to do. In this moment you are able to celebrate PRIDE month and partner with ReconcilingWorks with your benevolence.

ReconcilingWorks has reached nearly 600 Reconciling In Christ (RIC) settings. This means that there are nearly 600 Lutheran congregations and organizations that have an unconditional love of the LGBT community. These settings provide a safe place for LGBT people to worship and serve God in any and all capacities. Maybe you are an LGBT member of one of these welcoming settings and maybe you are an ally who sees how love and welcome can positively affect your community. Or perhaps you are someone who is tirelessly working with your faith community to extend this message of welcome.

Pride scenes

Celebrating PRIDE month by providing a gift to ReconcilingWorks will help to extend the work that we do beyond festivals and parade appearances! Your gift can indeed provide the spark that will change a life.

Thank you so much for your partnership in this ministry and for your financial support. We love seeing the Spirit work amongst you and your communities as we continue to celebrate PRIDE this month!

Celebrating in Christ,

Aubrey Thonvold

ReconcilingWorks Interim Executive Director