Reconciling Lutherans


Click here for a downloadable Reconciling Lutherans sign-up sheet that can be used as a bulletin insert.

Each name added to this public roster of Reconciling Lutherans will strengthen the call to the church to become truly welcoming and inclusive. By revealing the true depth and breadth of support for change, the Reconciling Lutherans roster will give courage to all members and leaders, bringing closer the day when all are truly welcome.

Reconciling Lutherans is to individuals what RIC is to congregations: it is an affirmation of welcome. Whether you are a member of an RIC congregation or not, it is important for your voice to be heard as a Reconciling Lutheran.

This list is posted here and will be updated frequently. Additionally, we will look for other opportunities to share the list with the wider church and society, so that your voices may speak more broadly and deeply.

Becoming a Reconciling Lutheran is easy and does not cost you a penny. You do not need to become a member of ReconcilingWorks to be added to the roster of Reconciling Lutherans. All you need to do is sign the Covenant of Welcome, affirming your commitment to encourage the Lutheran church to extend a genuine invitation for full acceptance and inclusion to all people.

Please read and agree to the Reconciling Lutherans Covenant.

Data privacy

ReconcilingWorks cares about your privacy. We will not sell, rent, or lease any information regarding Reconciling Lutherans to any third party.

In order to have a public impact in both the church and society, the list of Reconciling Lutherans is designed to be a public list. ReconcilingWorks may publish a list of names and hometowns (City, State/Province) of Reconciling Lutherans. We will not, however, publish post-office addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or any other information.

From time to time, ReconcilingWorks may contact Reconciling Lutherans with messages related to, and in support of, the mission of Reconciling Lutherans.