Reconciling Works 2012 pre-events enrich, inform, and uplift you

Just a reminder that there are excellent pre-events as part of Reconciling Works 2012, geared to immerse you in a subject, far deeper than workshops can do.  If you have registered already or are planning to register soon, take a serious look at them to enhance your learning at assembly…

 Registration is still open with discounts till May 1. Click on Reconciling Works in the top banner on   Get ‘er done now before the costs rise.

 Most of these pre-events run from noon on Friday the 6th through noon on Saturday the 7th…

All will require an additional night, Friday, in D.C.


 ***Perception = Reality: Day-on-the-Hill Leader Training

In the halls of Congress, perception equals reality. This is what makes Lutherans Concerned’s Day-On-the-Hill so very important in changing the face of faith on issues vital to the LGBTQ community. This pre-event is training to be a docent/escort for a group of RW2012 assembly-goers to their meetings on the Hill and to lead those meetings with members of Congress, Senators, or their staff — all to occur on the Tuesday, July 10th.

 ***Anti-Bullying: Train the Trainer

Participants at the “Train the Trainer” event will receive intensive training that prepares them to present bullying and harassment prevention programs in their own communities.  Participants will learn to present workshops based on the Pacific Violence Prevention Institute’s proprietary Three Motivations for Violent Behavior Model.  These anti-bullying workshops are designed to help change participants from being bystanders into effective allies by learning to recognize bullying and harassment that they witness and teaching them the skills to intervene safely and effectively to counter those acts.  This highly interactive workshop utilizes video, activities, facilitated discussion, and role-playing exercises to prepare participants for the challenge of becoming and effective allies.

 ***Couple Care and Marriage

This interactive workshop begins with the premise that our history has never had a definition of marriage.  The dominance of men, the inferiority of women, heterosexism, homophobia and the prevalent mis-interpretation of Scripture have prevented it.  Yet, couples everywhere in all of history have committed themselves to each other, cared for each other and lived in care for God’s world.

 Today, people are talking and voting on the godliness and legalities of loving, committed couple relationships, but so many in our country only allow for man-woman couples.  Learn the function of a couple relationship in order to inform conversations, thereby giving people a zest for perhaps the most significant relationship in life.

                         God creates couples

                        to grow in God’s love for them and to care for each other

                        that they might take good care of God’s world.

 Come, unlearn and relearn the story of Adam and Eve.  It’s really about the creation of the couple, not the first man and the first woman, nor the institution of marriage.  It teaches couples not to blame God nor to blame each other, but to hope in God’s Rescuer (Jesus) to overcome evil and to be about restoring life together.  Led by Dick & Linda Staats, you will:

 —  Assimilate models that help us cultivate the couple relationship

—  Assert the benefits of marriage and relish the Rite of Holy Marriage written for all loving, committed couples

—  Scrutinize resources to nurture in children the function of couples and the careful choosing of life-long couple relationships

—  Determine the training to provide care and marriage for couples and discuss how all of us can disseminate this excellent ministry


The Ministerium is only for LGBT ministers, both lay and ordained, and those in the process of rostering.  Participants may be out, partially out, closeted, active, retired, resigned, or removed from any Lutheran denomination.

 The retreat-style gathering will include worship, large and small group conversations, and affinity group sessions. Topics of conversation can include: building a network of support; finding a place: to worship, to serve, to be; preaching the liberating word;  coming out to congregations; gender identity and expression in ministry; out, proud and serving — what’s next?

Sanctuary and confidentiality is integral to this ministerium.

 ***Youth & Young Adult Forum

Note our special Youth and Young Adult Package!

$400 Early Bird Rate, $450 Regular Registration – includes housing, food and facilitation fees. Scholarships are available!

 This forum package was created with young Lutherans between the ages of 16-22 in mind. Participants will live in intentional community at Luther Place Hostel for the duration of the assembly. Young activists will spend the day-long pre-event working on leadership development, worshipping together, and planning future advocacy to continue moving the Lutheran church toward full inclusion. Space is limited, so act quickly!

 LC/NA is looking for nominations for young people to be invited to attend and be a part of this forum. If you are, or know of, a young person in the age range who would benefit from this forum, please email with details. LC/NA wants to be diverse and inclusive with this invitation in every way, including regionally within North America.

 ***Tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Embark upon a meditative exploration through the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. This historic memorial museum teaches the history and continuing problem of anti-Semitism. Learn how to confront and prevent genocide. Participants will have an opportunity to debrief their experiences with one another after the tour. This tour will occur on the morning of Saturday, July 7th. Note: (Out of town assembly participants should plan to arrive in D.C. on Friday night in order to participate on this tour.)

 ***Worship, Music and the Arts

Worship, music, and the arts are central elements of devotion to our God.  Come explore the roots of these elements, their evolution, and how they can be approached today.  Discover deeper meaning and new treasures. Hear discussion on the creative process.  Gather some new ideas to take back to your own worshipping community. Consider how to build a RIC Sunday Service and how that can effect community every Sunday.  Consider options on rites of blessing and marriage.  Share what works; talk about what doesn’t. Enjoy the riches that God has given us.

 The additional cost for these events, $50, covers the programming only.  Housing and meals are separate.