A new RIC community, Saint Paul Lutheran Church



We are pleased to announce our newest RIC community – Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Terryville, CT.

Saint Paul’s unanimous vote to approve its welcome statement makes it the eight RIC congregation in the great state of Connecticut. 

From Saint Paul Lutheran: “As members of the body of Chirst, we are called to be ministers of reconciliation both in the church and in the world. Through our baptism we are reconciled to God through the saving grace of Christ Jesus. As children of God, Christ calls us to live lives of reconciliation, wholeness, integrity and authenticity. We are challenged by the Gospel to be agents of healing and love within our church and society.”

Saint Paul’s Pastor, the Rev. Lisa K. Watson-Barcia, said “I cannot tell you how many members of this small but mighty congregation have come forward to say that they are so pleased that a daughter/sister/nephew/cousin/grandchild will now be welcome – it’s kinda (wonderfully) overwhelming!”

Please join us in welcoming, Saint Paul Lutheran Church to the RIC community!