A new RIC community, Trinity Lutheran Church

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ReconcilingWorks is proud to announce our newest Reconciling in Christ congregation, Trinity Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Trinity continues a long tradition of social engagement and generous outreach in the vibrant programs they carry on today.

According to Trinity, “our greatest joy is discovery of the presence of God who comes to us most often through interaction with others.  Fulfillment in life is found as we offer ourselves in aid and comfort to others and thereby participate in God’s healing and life-giving work in the world.”

Trinity has been on a wonderfully blessed journey of welcome that started in in 1994 when members of the congregation studied the ELCA draft of the sexuality statement and subsequently participated in the U of Michigan’s Becoming Inclusive workshop at the Knutsen Conference. Study continued through 2009 with congregants urging the discussion on.  In 2008 the Pastoral staff led a series on Marriage and what the Bible says and does not say about same gender marriage.  By 2009 the congregation voted to hold blessing ceremonies for LGBT people.  The conversation about holding a public welcome continued and on June 19, 2014 the Council voted to “ratify the life of full inclusion that we have been living for some time.”

God has made all people to be one nation and one family.  It is with great pleasure that ReconcilingWorks welcomes Trinity Lutheran Church of Ann Arbor, MI to the RIC community!

Read more about Trinity Lutheran Church here on their website. Help us celebrate Trinity here on facebook.

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