2017 WELCA Triennial Gathering

There are few things that compare to being surrounded by 3,000 faithful women of the ELCA. Over the weekend ReconcilingWorks was blessed to host a booth at the Women of the ELCA’s Tenth Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis, MN. Executive Director, Aubrey Thonvold, and Annual Fund Director, Ryan Muralt, shared in conversation, gave away hundreds of resources, and gathered support for LGBTQ youth who will be attending the National Youth Gathering in 2018.

“My heart is bursting with love for the women who stopped by our booth and shared personal stories of their LGBTQ loved ones,” Aubrey said. “It was a gift to be able to create a safe space for people to learn and share about to welcome, include, and celebrate LGBTQ people and their families in the Lutheran Church.”

ReconcilingWorks is grateful for the work of the Women of the ELCA and for their hospitality. We are looking forward to joining you all again at the next Triennial Gathering in Phoenix, AZ.