Whiteboard Reformation: Our Lutheran Story

Whiteboard Reformation

The heart of the Reformation, “the doctrine by which the church stands or falls,” as Luther wrote, is “justification by faith.” To people dreadfully anxious about their salvation, Luther declared that our behavior–whether good or bad–had nothing to do with fixing our relationship with God. God fixes the relationship … as a gift. Being true to the Lutheran confessions means using the principle of “justification by faith” to ask afresh in every era, “what shall we say now in order to be life-giving today?”  

Four hundred and ninety-six years later, ReconcilingWorks is asking YOU that same question. What will we say, what will we do, that’s life-giving for LGBT people? 

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Reconciling in Christ Congregations…

Don’t forget, annually the last Sunday in January is designated by the ecumenical welcoming community as Welcoming Sunday (January 25, 2015). On this day, worshippers are encouraged to join other welcoming congregations from various denominations in celebrating the witness to God’s love for persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Visit www.ReconcilingWorks.org/RICSunday for hymns, liturgy, prayers, and sermon notes.