Why I Support ReconcilingWorks…

Sharon Bost, Canton, Georgia
I continue to contribute to ReconcilingWorks because . . . I have seen how hard the organization has worked over the past decade to promote full inclusion in the church and how supportive they have been to parents, friends and allies of LGBT persons. I have personally benefited from the educational opportunities offered in a variety of ways from conferences attended, to materials to study, to networking and making new friendships. Thus, I have become more vocal in my own  environment, more supportive of LGBT causes, and I hope and pray that  this important work will continue on until such time as there is no discrimination in this world.

Bishop Dave (Oregon Synod) and Gretchen Brauer-Rieke,   Milwaukie, Oregon
We are pleased to support the work of ReconcilingWorks with both our time and our money. The work of simple acceptance, equality and understanding for those who are LGBTQ is ongoing. Thank you for leading the way! Our lives, personally, have been deeply enriched by those LGBTQ brothers and sisters who have shared their journey with us and risk living in the integrity of their God-given self. Would that we were all so courageous and clear. We are here to help with this wonderful work in whatever way we can.

Rev. Richard Andersen, Stanchfield, Minnesota
I am so very much aware these days of the important work of ReconcilingWorks. My call from the St. Paul Area Synod to Lutheran Social Services would not be happening were it not for the work of ReconcilingWorks. I am very, very grateful for the years of dedicated work of the leaders of ReconcilingWorks. My life has been transformed by the results of their efforts. Thank  you.

Kirsten and Phil Beckler, Spring, Texas
We are quite passionate about the issue of inclusion of the LGBT community within the ELCA and within the full community of believers. Our viewpoint can be distilled into one simple question: Why can two of our three daughters walk down the aisle of the church that we have belonged to and supported for 20 years and get to take their vows in a religious ceremony while one cannot, simply because of her sexual orientation? We have committed ourselves to do everything and anything in our power to change that scenario. We will continue to support ReconcilingWorks in its efforts, and we appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of the people in this organization.

Rev. David and Gloria Baker, Penn Valley, California
Thank  you . . . for your message and the invitation . . . for a quote. You can tell whoever you would like that we support the ministry of ReconcilingWorks because we believe in the inclusiveness of God’s love for all people, that no one should be made to feel unwelcome in Christ’s church, and that ReconcilingWorks has been and continues to be a respectful and a faithful advocate for justice and inclusiveness.

Revs. Sue and Tim Gamelin, Jamestown, North Carolina  
Tim and I are deeply grateful for the part that Lutherans Concerned/North America has played, and continues to play in the ELCA. ReconcilingWorks’s gracious, informed, and patient leadership was vital, absolutely vital, in moving the ELCA to the vote in Minneapolis in 2009. I wept and wept that night in Minneapolis. I wept tears of joy, and tears of sadness. Sadness? Why sadness? Because it took so many years to reach that vote. The ministry of ReconcilingWorks is still necessary. There are miles to go before we all understand the full implications of what it means to be a diverse community, yet one in Christ. That’s why Tim and I continue to support ReconcilingWorks and thank God for the work of this remarkable organization. Our love and prayers continue, too.

Rev. Kenneth Dale, Claremont, California
I enjoy reading the Concord, and appreciate the work of ReconcilingWorks in general, mainly because I think you are sincere in keeping your message of fairness toward all human beings grounded in Christian faith and values. I think it is this grounding that makes your voice effective within the Lutheran Church. Surely the advancement of the cause of equal treatment for people of all sexual orientations among Lutherans owes a great deal to your holistic message and tireless leadership.

Karen Krause, Toledo, Ohio
Because you make a difference.

Carolyn Riehl, New York, New York
I support ReconcilingWorks because I admire many things about the organization, especially the fact that it focuses on ministry as much as advocacy, its excellent reporting of events and information, and the strong light it shines on justice for all.