A new RIC community: Wilderness Way Community (Portland, OR)

ReconcilingWorks is proud to announce our newest RIC community: the Wilderness Way Community in Portland, Oregon!

Their welcome statement reads: “The Wilderness Way Community is dedicated to liberation from oppression in all its forms. Finding our power and wisdom in the Christian tradition and the natural world, we empower all people to become fearless spiritual leaders bringing their God-given gifts to the sacred work of dismantling, healing from, and creating alternatives to those forms of oppression. Recognizing that for many people churches themselves have been agents of oppression, we unequivocally welcome all people and particularly embrace our transgender brothers and sisters, Queer identified people, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Intersex and Questioning people and their allies. As part of our commitment to liberation and unequivocal welcome, we participate as a community in anti-racism, anti-sexism and heterosexism, and other anti-oppression trainings annually. We practice the Skills of Loving by · Seeing and being seen · Hearing and speaking truth · Responding to needs and making our needs known · Having goodwill for self and others · Honoring everyone and their experience as well our own You are welcome to show up as you are, as who you are (on your best days and your worst days) and be loved and held in this community. You are welcome whether you are Christian-identified, questioning your faith, in recovery from wounds inflicted by religious oppression, simultaneously receiving nourishment from other faith traditions, or simply on your journey. Be ready to be in a community that says YES to all of who you are and that calls you into your power for the work of collective liberation.”

Join them on Sundays at 3pm, or visit them online at ww.wildernesswaypdx.org!