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Why Marriage Matters

ReconcilingWorks believes that marriage matters. We believe marriage is about committed couples who want to make a lifelong promise to take care of and be responsible for each other.

Marriage is about the mutual sharing of selves. It’s a way of saying “We are family.” Married couples and their families are committed to one another in all aspects of life—in all things physical, emotional, material, spiritual—so that we become, as Genesis puts it, “one flesh.”

As Lutherans, we believe that marriage is a vocation that strengthens couples, their families, and the community. It’s both a way for God to do God’s work in people’s lives . . . and a way for people to do God’s work in the world. It’s a way for married couples and their families to mirror, as best they can, God’s total love for the world.

We know the church is not isolated from society. Our faith compels us to speak out, bringing our Lutheran voice to bear on societal problems, exercising our faith through social activism and political engagement. By reforming the world we reform the church; by reforming the church we reform the world.

Hear the witness of several Lutheran couples and families about how marriage matters to them (pdf download).

Why would anyone want to put up a stumbling block before people living out their vocation in marriage and in Christ? Why would anyone want to stand in the way of committed couples being able to take care of each other? We believe that denying the security and legal protections of marriage—not to mention the spiritual support of the faith community—hurts committed couples and families.

ReconcilingWorks advocates for the social and legal changes necessary to ensure that all people may participate in creating and sustaining strong families as a foundation and source of trust for the whole community. As Lutherans, we also advocate for the ecclesial changes necessary to ensure full participation in all rites, sacraments, and ministries of the Church, inviting all people into Gospel lives of authenticity, integrity and wholeness.

Please join us in our work.