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Reconciling in Christ

The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program is for congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries, and other Lutheran organizations. RIC recognizes Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender believers. The complete Reconciling in Christ Roster now exceeds 600 settings, including congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries, and other organizations.


RIC Congregations List

The full list of Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregations is shown below by default, sorted first by state or province and then by city or town. The RIC synod, college, seminary and organization lists are on a separate page.

We are in the process of a new website and a new database. We are unable to connect the RIC profile with the congregational listing at this time. If you have any questions, or concerns around the RIC community in one of the RIC congregations, you can call our office (651-665-0861)


RIC Synods, Colleges, Seminaries and Organizations

In 1984 ReconcilingWorks started the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program to identify and recognize Lutheran congregations that welcome lesbian and gay believers.

Since July 2002, the Reconciling in Christ program has been committed to the inclusion of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. All congregations, synods and organizations on the RIC Roster have adopted affirmations of welcome of gay and lesbian persons. Some of the synods, colleges, seminiaries, and organizations on the RIC Roster have also voted to include bisexual and transgender persons in their affirmations of welcome. The RIC program is committed to an ongoing process of education and engagement toward a fully inclusive RIC Roster.